EldaCare is an innovative concept that utilizes the smartphone and smartwatch to help people care for their senior relatives, especially those with early stage Alzheimer's Disease. Those who are caring for their senior relatives, or care partners, can help manage their senior relatives' daily activities from the smartphone.

Date Completed: 2015

Contributions: Conceptualization, UX Research, UX flow, Sitemap, and Wireframe

Credit to Pantipa for the awesome Visual and UI Design!
Seniors want to be independent, but impaired physical abilities may require help from a care partner. How can seniors be independent without being too reliant on their care partners?
The solution is to create an app on the smartphone that gives care partners the ability to manage the senior's daily activities, which sends reminders of the actives to the seniors on the smartwatch.

Target Audience

Logo and Icon Sketches

Final Logos and Icons

Site Map

Wireframe Sketches

Wireframe Sketches

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