Menu Management

Product Design / Frontend Development
My First Unicorn Project
This was my first professional work where I was directly involved in every aspect of the product design/development cycle starting with the conceptualization with the company's CEO and CTO, to designing wireframes and prototype, to building the frontend, and working with backend engineers to build APIs connecting the frontend with the backend.
What is Menu Management?
Menu Management is a one-stop shop portal for a restaurant operator to manage all integrated ordering platform menus in a single location. A restaurant operator can mark an item sold out, change online ordering hours, change the order of the menu, and much more. Once the changes are made, the restaurant operator can push the changes to all the integrated ordering platforms such as Uber Eats, Doordash, and Grubhub.

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Conceptualization & Design
I had the opportunity collaborate Five Guys, who was the first enterprise customer of the company providing feedback and user's needs for the product. They were looking for a portal where they not only able to manage all their integrated ordering platforms, but as an enterprise business, they also wanted to manage menus for multiple restaurant locations throughout the United States.

As the company's first Frontend Developer, I introduced to the engineering team, React JS. At the time in 2019, React was gaining popularity, and it was a robust frontend framework that gave endless possibilities for better user experience and interaction. After completing and getting buy-ins on the design, I built the first iteration of the frontend prototype, and later worked with the engineering team to build APIs using Apollo GraphQL as an integration layer with Rails backend.
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