SMB Onboarding
SMB stands for Small, Medium size Businesses. At ItsaCheckmate, the company is heavily invested in a combination of technology and human resources to facilitate SMB customers in getting their restaurant locations set up with the integration services. SMB Onboarding is one of the company's major operation, and is the primary driver in generating growth and sales, accounting for as much as 60% of the company's annual revenue.
The Challenges
Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020, the demand for online order integration had skyrocketed. This had forced the company to revamp the SMB Onboarding process to become more efficient to fulfill high volume intake of SMB prospects. However, there were many challenges that were needed to overcome:
  • The entire onboarding process took at least 4 weeks to get one SMB customer's restaurant location to get fully set up. This is due the complexity of bloated business processes, multiple hand-off points with different teams, lack of communication and transparency to understand the statuses of onboarding locations.
  • Each teams involved in the onboarding process uses different technologies and systems in keeping track of the statuses and communication with other teams and customers. Some teams uses Salesforce, Asana, Jira, Freshdesk, and/or Google spreadsheets/forms. Some of these systems are siloed, and not accessible by other teams.
  • Customers didn't have any visibility in the status of their set up progress, and found themselves contacting customer support on a frequent basis to ask for status update. As a result, some customers churn during the onboarding process because of lack of communication, lack of transparency, and the onboarding process taking too long.
As the Director of UX, I led the UX/UI team to tackle complex challenges in a multi-prong approach. The revamp of SMB Onboarding requires understanding of who the SMB customers are through UX Research, understanding of how various teams perform their work through business process analysis, and finally, developing design solutions that will increase efficiency, reduce onboarding time, and increase customer success.

Business Process
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Product Design
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