SMB Onboarding - UX Research

As the Director of UX, one of my goals is to advocate for various users through UX Research. For the SMB Onboarding, I've employed various qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gain insight about the SMB customers - who are they, what are their needs, and how we can provide the solutions that meet their needs.

UX Workshop: Let's Do Empathy Mapping

Part of my UX strategy is to host a monthly UX workshop where various teams within the company are invited to participate creative activities that will help the UX/UI team learn about who the customers are through their direct interaction them. In one of the workshop, I employed empathy mapping where the participants provided the UX/UI team insight about what customers are thinking, feeling, hearing, and seeing.

What We Learn?

Based on the Empathy Map, my team can infer that SMB Customers are excited about order integration as it will solve the frustrations they are currently experiencing. As a small restaurant owner, SMB Customer don’t have a lot of time. They want the onboarding process to be shorter, easier with minimal issues, and for us to be responsive to whatever questions they have in a timely manner.

SMB User Persona

Based on the empathy map analysis and additional research on Restaurant Owner Demographics, the UX/UI team constructed user persona for SMB customer. This user persona was not only used by the UX/UI team for formulating design, but it was also used by marketing, sales, and product team.